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Tunisian culture and arts are very rich, influenced by many civilizations. Pottery flourished in Tunisia since Roman times and over time, it enriched the Andalusian and Italian features. The famous are Tunisian mosaics (The oldest are dating from 2 century BC). Many Tunisian buildings, especially mosques are themselves works of art.

Popularity among the artistic disciplines earned painting, carrying the French and Italian influence. In 1949 was born the famous Tunisian Art School - Ecole de Tunis. There arose a new modern Tunisian art promoted by Jahja Turki. And that's why in Tunisia and particularly around the cities of Tunis, Sidi Bou Said and La Marsa exist many art galleries.

Gallery Name Address
Ammar Farhat 3, rue Sidi El Ghemrini, Sidi Bou Said
Artyshow 4, rue Imam Chafaii, Marsa Plage
Art-Libris 298, avenue Habib Bourguiba Kram Salammbo
Des Ateliers 2, rue Antonine, Carthage
El Borj link 56, rue Hedi Chaker, La Marsa
Café Journal 6, rue de Hannibal, Gammarth Superior
Le Cap link Zone Touristique Gammarth
Cherif Fine Art 20 rue de la république, Sidi Bou Said
Efesto 9, rue Nourreddine El Kayachi. La Marsa
Espace Imagin 24, rue Pline, Carthage Dermech
Fahrenheit 451 link Centre Culturel de Carthage, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Carthage Dermech
Le Golfe 5, r. El Arbi Zarrouk, La Marsa
L'Agora link 5, avenue Taïeb El Mhiri, La Marsa
El Marsa link 2, Place du Saf Saf, La Marsa
Kalysté 29 Bis, La Soukra
Kanvas Art Gallery link 37 Bis, Av. Fattouma Bourguiba, La Soukra
Mad'Art - Cultural Centre of Carthage Centre Culturel de Carthage, Av. Habib Bourguiba, Carthage
Mamie Lily La Goulette
Mille Feuilles 99, avenue Habib Bourguiba, Marsa Plage
Municipale de Sidi Bou Said link 17, Av. Habib Thameur, Sidi Bou Said
Nour Av. principale, Les Berges du Lac
Palais Abdelliya link La Marsa
Sadika Gammarth Village
Saladin 4, Habib Bourguiba, Sidi Bou Said
Semia Achour 40, Avenue Fattouma Bourguiba, La Soukra
Sol Univers Rue 13 Août Chotrana II, La Soukra
Sophonisbe Rue Sophonisbe, Carthage
Le Violon Bleu link 12, Place Sidi Hassine, Sidi Bou Said
Visual Arts Gallery Les Jardins de Salammbo, Le Kram
Zmorda Carré link 1 Rue Yakout El Hamaoui, imp 3, La Soukra

All information are subject to change.


If you are looking for more detail information about the Tunisian Art Galleries visit Tunisian portal of art galleries and spaces link.

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