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Google maps: 36°54'35"N 10°17'12"E

Population: 7.500 inhabitants
touristic guides: Gammarth Guide (PDF)

Gammarth is an old village and a modern seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea in the Tunis Governorate of Tunisia, located 20 kilometres north of capitol Tunis.


Gammarth is divided to three parts:

Gammarth Village

Gammarth Village includes old village, new residential area, local government institutions, local shops and restaurants. There are no hotels or luxury restaurants. Gammarth Village has approximately 7.500 inhabitants and the population is growing every year due to huge modern construction. Among the northern side of village is huge pine forest.

Since 1983 there is also SOS Children's Village link (orphanage). New orphanage for handicapped children was built in 2010 in Gammarth Touristic zone, but this area was never open.

Gammarth Superior

Gammarth Superior is residential area with many great villas. Some of them are used as a residence for the ambassadors living in Tunisia. The lands in this area are very expensive (usualy between 350 - 700 € per sqm.). The call name "Superior" is appropriate, the area is elevated (20 to 90 metres above the sea level), therefore this area can be also called as "Gammarth Hill".

Excavations at "Gammarth Hill" have revealed some catacombs and Talmudic inscriptions. These ancient burial chambers are believed to date to Roman times in the 2nd century when nearby Carthage was a thriving Roman city. On the top of the "Gammarth Hill" is placed French War Cemetery from 2nd world war.

Part of Gammarth Superior is touristic area, which includes some 4 and 5 star hotels. Among the east side the area is huge green area with forest. Some people call this are "Gammarth Cap Carthage"

Gammarth Touristic Zone

Gammarth Touristic Zone is expanded arround Mediteranean Sea (on North side), Lake Ariana (on South-West side), Gammarth Village (on South side) and City of La Marsa (on East side). Gammarth Touristic Zone includes mainly luxury hotels, restaurants, beaches and modern 18 holes golf course.

Gammarth Touristic Zone doesn't include many shops. However in 2012 there was open new shopping center Gammarth Residence (more information here). The area is reachable by taxi or quite complicated by bus via City of La Marsa. All hotels provide shuttle transfer to Tunis Carthage International Airport (arround 30 minutes).

Recently, there is a lot of new construction. Mainly close to Mediteranean Sea. Probably in 2014 there will be new luxury residential area belongs to modern marina and some new hotels and restaurants.In near future there will be also new culture center.



Actual weaher situation here link.

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