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Le Kram

Google maps: 36°50'00"N 10°19'00"E
Population: 58.150 inhabitants

Le Kram is a town in the Tunis Governorate situated between La Goulette, the port of Tunis, Gulf of Tunis to the east and Lake of Tunis to the west.


First information about Le Kram is dated to 9th century. In the past on the area where Le Kram city is situated were gardens. These gardens give the name to the city, because kram means in Arabic language a fruit tree (in general).

During the time of colononisation French people build many nice house along the beach. Recently the majority of luxory villas are part of the district Salambo between Le Kram and City of Carthage.

The City of Le Kram consists from three quarters: Kram East, Kram West and Ain Zaghouan.

Recently Le Kram is also well know as fair city. In the west-south part of the city is located fair area, where every month take place many national and international fairs.

Best Touristic Attractions

How to go there

Le Kram is connected with the capitol of Tunis, city of Carthage and La Marsa by TGM (metro). It is also possible to move to western Kram, Ain Zaghouan by bus No. 47 and 18, from Ain Zaghouan towards downtown Tunis and La Marsa by bus No. 20.



Actual weaher situation here link.

For more information visit the official website of Ministry of Culture and Heritage Protection here link.

Current arrivals/departures to/from Tunis - Carthage International Airport. Check here link.

For more information visit the official website of Le Kram Municipality here link.
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