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Les Berges du Lac

Google maps: 36°50'06"N 10°14'20"E
Population: 95.000 inhabitants

Les Berges du Lac is a new developed business and residential area of Northern part of the city of Tunis. Following the development of Lake Tunis, since the year 1980 new town begins to rise. It was a plan of Tunisian government and Saudi and Gulf investors to create a new modern business center, cultural and sport center on the shores of the lake with surface of 1.300 hectares. The plan was to create three urban areas with target population of 150.000 inhabitants and with more than 100.000 job places.

First two parts of the project were built in the nineties. This area includes  modern corporate buildings, hospitals, government offices , including  many foreign embassies, luxury hotels, an amusement park, many shopsrestaurants and cafes an, of course, many residential  buildings.

Last part of the project is Currently  under construction. It is including  mainly project of the  Tunis Sports City and many other residential  buildings, shops and entertainment centers .

Tunis Sport City

The Tunis Sports City is an entire sports city currently being constructed.. The city that will consist of apartment buildings as well as several sports facilities will be built by the Bukhatir Group at a cost of 4 Billion Euros. Construction began in 2008.

The entire site is currently an uninhabited green space. The Lac de Tunis area is the major focus for new development and building activity in Tunis, and the area has seen as increasing number of multi-national companies setting up offices in the area.

The first part of the project, namely the residential project "Cedar," will be completed in a two-year period. It is a housing district made up of 11 high-rise apartment buildings, approximately 50 standard villas and grand villas, as well as 13 blocks of low-rise townhouses/apartments which will be called the village. The Tunis Sports City, which will cover an area of 257 hectares, will encompass several spaces of entertainment activities through academies in various sport disciplines like tennis, golf and swimming.

The project also includes sports academies, a 20,000 capacity football stadium, a swimming centre with an olympic swimming pool, a thalassatherapy centre, in addition to an indoors sports services centre.

The project is delayed.



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