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Boukornine National Park

Google maps: 36°42'18"N 10°20'00"E

Boukornine National park, also called the "Green Lungs of Tunisia", is located at 1935 ha, about 20 km from the capital Tunis. The park was established in 1987. The national park was, according to archaeological findings already inhabited by the Phoenicians.

The park offers diverse fauna and flora. The largest part of park area consists of forests and groves thujas, pine and olive trees. In total there occurs some 600 species of the plants, including the 12 kinds of orchids. The most typical flower is cyclamen, whose bloom decorates a large park area in April and May. Cyclamen is also the official symbol of the park.

Dominant place of the park is a mountain of Djebel Boukornine (576 m).

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